Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Side Effects and Injuries

Avaulta Vaginal Mesh is used to help individuals who have pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, many individuals are reporting unpleasant side effects in using the Avaulta vaginal mesh. These individuals have suffered from infections and intensified pelvic pain after using this mesh. Patients who use the Avaulta vaginal mesh have reported that they experience severe pain during sex. They also have experienced perforation of the bowel and bladder regions. Some individuals have reported that they experience pain during urination. The side effects that people experience can result in nerve damage that can never be fixed.

Other Avaulta Vaginal Mesh injuries are due to erosion of the mesh within the body. As the mesh erodes, the vagina can become susceptible to scrapes and painful itching. Patients may experience scarring in the vaginal area.

There have also been reports about patients who have suffered from psychological and emotional illnesses as a result of using the Avaulta Vaginal Mesh. Some women suffer from self-esteem issues and feelings of worthlessness. Other women have become clinically depressed, and this depression has been linked to the Avaulta Vaginal Mesh.

The FDA and Warnings for the Avaulta Vaginal Mesh

The FDA has issued numerous warnings in regards to the Avaulta Vaginal Mesh, however, the manufacturer has yet to remedy the design of this mesh. The warnings that have been issued by the FDA point to the design defects of the Avaulta Vaginal Mesh. Warnings that have been issued by the FDA also touch upon the fact that C.R. Bard, the manufacturer, failed to disclose all of the risks that were inherent in using this product. Doctors also were not informed of all of the risks of the Avaulta Vaginal Mesh, which encouraged more of them to recommend this mesh as a contraception device.

Filing an Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

If you have experienced a side effect due to using Avaulta Vaginal Mesh, then you should consider filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of this product. There are thousands of people who have already filed lawsuits against the manufacturer of this contraceptive product. You may be entitled to receive compensation to cover the cost of any injuries that you have received as a result of using this mesh. You may also be entitled to receive compensation to cover the cost of any emotional issues that you have experienced too. There have also been cases that have arisen due to the breakage of the mesh within one’s body. This can result in serious complications that require a person to undergo an operation. No one should have to pay for an operation that is due to the design defect of a product, and you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer if this is the case. Over 75,000 women have had to undergo a surgery do repair organs within the vaginal region as a result of using the Avaulta Vaginal Mesh. Over 10 percent of these women also suffered from a form of mesh erosion that resulted in chronic pain. Some individuals have also recovered for pain and suffering as a result of using the mesh. You can allege that there is a design defect in the mesh, or you can allege that the manufacturer engaged in deceptive advertising practices.

If you think that you may have a case, then you should submit a case evaluation form. Avaulta vaginal mesh injury attorneys will review the facts of your case to see whether you have a valid claim. You should not have to suffer intense pain or injuries as a result of trying to protect yourself with a contraceptive device.