Prescription Drug Side Effects and Interactions Information

When a patient is prescribed with a drug, he or she wants to know that the drug is safe to use. It is vital for a patient to do all of the research that he or she possibly can to discern the side effects of a drug. By consulting with, patients can easily become aware of the adverse side effects that a drug may potentially have.

There are many drugs on the market that carry serious side effects. In the worst instances, manufacturers do not adequately disclose the risks of these drugs to the general public. For example, Yasmin is one type of birth control drug that carries serious risks with it. Individuals who have used Yasmin have received blood clots and other adverse effects. A person who uses Yasmin may receive a stroke or a heart attack. The manufacturer has paid millions of dollars to settle claims with patients who have suffered these adverse effects.

Being aware of these effects can help a patient make the right medical decision. A patient may be willing to take on the risks of a particular drug if he or she knows that the drug will help him or her. In other instances, a patient may want to avoid drugs that can create serious health issues in his or her life. The aim of is to provide all of the information that is necessary for helping a patient learn about prescription drugs.

Many patients were unaware that the blood thinner Pradaxa could have adverse side effects. Pradaxa is a very popular drug that is used throughout the world. Many people were unaware that Pradaxa could cause serious internal bleeding when they used it. There are currently many lawsuits being filed against the makers of Pradaxa. Patients can visit and learn about all of the FDA warnings that have been issued in regards to Pradaxa. aims to offer patients all of the information about recalls that is relevant for certain prescription drugs.

Actos is another drug that patients did not have much information about before they decided to use it. There have been many research studies completed which show that Actos is now linked to various forms of bladder cancer. A patient may want to completely avoid the risk of being diagnosed with bladder cancer by simply deciding not to take this prescription drug. After reading through articles on, a patient can make a decision to not take this drug. A patient may also be able to develop more specific questions that he or she can take to a doctor. helps patients develop the right types of questions to ask doctors and drug manufacturers for a full view of the risks associated with a drug.

Some medical products even lead to death. A patient may be completely unaware that undergoing a dialysis treatment can actually pose medical risks. This is due to the chemicals that are used to clean the blood. There have been instances in which patients have suffered sudden death due to the use of GranuFlo® in dialysis treatments. A patient may also suffer from cardiopulmonary arrest as a result of undergoing a dialysis treatment using this chemical.

If a patient has suffered an adverse effect due to a prescription drug, then he or she can get in touch with an associate from While the associates do not provide legal or medical advice, they can help a person learn about which legal options he or she has. An associate can help a patient to feel empowered in a situation in which he or she feels no control.