Injured from NuvaRing? You May Be Able to File a NuvaRing Lawsuit

NuvaRing is a contraceptive birth control ring that was originally manufactured by Organon and is now being distributed and sold by Merck. Since the FDA first approved NuvaRing in 2001, millions of women have used the ring for contraception instead of using oral contraceptive.

When NuvaRing was first released, the manufacturer claimed that NuvaRing was not only safe to use, but also informed women that the any side effects caused by this form of contraception were minimal in comparison to traditional oral contraceptives. To prevent pregnancy, the NuvaRing delivers smaller amounts of hormones. Unlike birth control pills that must be taken each day, the NuvaRing only has to be replaced every three weeks.

Over the past few years, there have been many reports that NuvaRing causes many different life-threatening health problems. According to various studies to determine how safe NuvaRing is to use, women who use the NuvaRing are at an increased of having a stroke, developing blood clots and deep vein thrombosis also known as DVT To date, over 1,000 complaints have been filed with the FDA by women and their families. Thousands of women have sustained serious personal injuries and many have died after using the NuvaRing.

As a direct result of the large number of NuvaRing lawsuits, commenced by injured women and their families, the cases have been consolidated into one large case that is currently pending in a Multi-District Litigation court in the State of Missouri. The case is scheduled to move forward and go to trial in early 2013. To date, lawyers across the country are helping women and their families file claims to participate in the NuvaRing action. Women that have used the NuvaRing and sustained injuries, blood clots, DVT, had a stroke or developed a pulmonary embolism should take the time to discuss your case with a lawyer right now.

Studies Confirm NuvaRing Puts Women at Risk For Blood Clots

After conducting several research studies, scientists have confirmed that the hormone released by the NuvaRing puts women at an increased chance for developing life-threatening side effects. In addition, women who use the NuvaRing are at an increased risk for developing blood clots. According to three independent studies, women who use the NuvaRing have a significantly higher chance of developing blood clots in comparison to women who take oral contraceptives. According to a study published by the FDA in October, 2011, NuvaRing increases the risk of women developing blood clots, pulmonary embolisms and DVT by at least 56 percent more women who take oral contraceptives that contain a low dose of estrogen.

Another study that was published in the British Medical Journal on May 10, 2012 confirms that women who use the NuvaRing have a 90 percent increased risk of developing blood clots in comparison to women who take traditional oral contraceptives. In another study published in the The New England Journal of Medicine on June 14, 2012, researchers confirmed that NuvaRing doubles and triples the risk of developing developing blood clots in comparison to women who take birth control pills.

According to experts, documents discovered by the parties disclose that Merck had prior knowledge of the increased risk of blood clots and failed to warn women of the increased risks. Due to Merck’s failure to warn women of the risks associated with using the NuvaRing, many women have sustained injuries or died. Many women and families have commenced lawsuits to recover damages for their personal injuries and losses.

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