Pradaxa is a blood thinner medication manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. Even though this medication was advertised as safe and effective, Pradaxa causes rectal, brain and intestinal bleeding. Pradaxa was first released in October, 2010.

Pradaxa Lawsuits

Several multi district lawsuits combined into one case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois under case number 12-MD-2385. This is a federal court. The current judge presiding over this case is U.S. District Court Judge David Herndon.

Trials are scheduled to begin in March of 2014 and are expected to go through 2015 and possibly beyond, depending on the number of cases. Both sides of the case are expected to present tens of thousands of documents for evidence during the discovery phase. Each side is legally required to produce documents that pertain to the case. works to provide free support and information to people who have been forever changed by using Pradaxa. We listen to stories every day from people who are dealing with medical and financial hardships as a result of using Pradaxa.

We have patient advocates available seven days a week to talk to you one on one. helps you decide whether to pursue a lawsuit and refer you to a lawyer in your area that specializes in Pradaxa lawsuits.

Who Should File a Pradaxa Lawsuit?

If you have hospital bills, lost wages or funeral expenses directly caused by Pradaxa, you may have a claim. Some people who file claims do not want to see other people suffer.

One claimant, Walter Daumler, had to watch his sister bleed to death from Pradaxa. Doctors told Daumler that there was nothing they could do as there is no antidote to the bleeding caused by Pradaxa. He filed a suit so that no one else has to witness what he did.

Lawsuits Filed

Berth Bivens filed in March of 2012 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee against the drug manufacturer, stating that the use of Pradaxa caused the death of her mother, Nancy Brummett. Bivens states that Pradaxa’s massive advertising campaign did not consider patient safety. She claims that even those who use Pradaxa for a short period of time are at risk of life threatening hemorrhages.

Married couple Helen and John Hawkins filed a suit against Boehringer in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky. Helen took Pradaxa in February, 2011 for her atrial fibrillation. By March, 2011, she was in the hospital for gastrointestinal bleeding, requiring a blood transfusion. The suit states that Helen suffered life threatening injuries.

Other cases include Roy Heady from Cookeville, Tennessee who suffered a brain hemorrhage from taking Pradaxa. Charles Jackson from Nashville, Tennessee developed intestinal bleeding after being on Pradaxa for only three weeks. Harold Asher’s wife Barbara Jean died at the hospital when doctors could not stop the bleeding caused by Pradaxa.

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Pradaxa was marketed as safer than the blood thinner Warfarin. Studies actually show that Pradaxa causes more bleeding than Warfarin. Warfarin bleeding has antidotes while Pradaxa does not.

Pradaxa was misrepresented saying that everyone can take the same dose. In reality, dosing should take into consideration body weight.

The drug manufacturer, Boehringer, did not adequately warn about the risks of uncontrollable, serious, excessive or fatal bleeding. In addition, no treatment method was established by the manufacturer for people experiencing severe bleeding. The safety of Pradaxa was not adequately researched. Boehringer intentionally concealed how dangerous Pradaxa is and they failed to warn customers.