What is Propecia?

Propecia is a supplement that is used by men to treat for hair loss. Men consume the supplement to avoid thinning of the hair. The supplement should not be consumed by women or children. While this drug seems to help men in preventing hair loss, the reality is that it has severe side effects. Some men have reported erectile dysfunction as a result of consuming Propecia. Other side effects include male breast cancer, prostate cancer and extreme cases of impotence. If you or a loved one has experienced these side effects, then you may be eligible to receive compensation in your case. You should arrange for a personal injury lawyer to review the facts of your case to decide whether you should pursue a claim against the manufacturer of Propecia.

Side Effects of Using Propecia

There are many side effects that have been reported by individuals who use Propecia. Men should be aware that taking Propecia may increase their risk of developing prostate or male breast cancer. Mainly, men who have consumed Propecia have experienced severe sexual disorders. These sexual disorders include issues with impotence and testicular pain. Not only are these disorders very painful, but they can also be very humiliating for men to experience. Men may also experience abnormal ejaculation or ejaculation disorder after taking Propecia. There have also been instances when men have suffered from decreased ejaculatory volume or gynescomastia as a result of consuming this drug.

Unfortunately, many men who experience these disorders will never be able to lead a normal sex life again. A research study shows that over 50 percent of all men were unable to eliminate the side effects of Propecia after ending its use. Men still continued to experience sexual disorders after ending the use of this drug.

Misleading Advertising of Propecia

Many men were unaware of the risks that they would face in consuming Propecia. They were not aware of the irreversible sexual side effects that were connected to Propecia. The manufacturer of Propecia did not inform patients about these side effects. The FDA has issued public warnings to the manufacturer of Propecia that it must inform men about the irreversible sexual side effects that they can experience after using Propecia. The FDA sent a letter to the manufacturer in 2009 that warned of the online ads that Merck was using to market Propecia to the public. The FDA warned that the website did not adequately disclose any of the risks that were associated in using Propecia. The online advertisements only focused on the effectiveness of Propecia in eliminating hair loss. After this initial warning was issued, the FDA has continued to watch over Merck and ensure that it begins disclosing information to the public. In 2012, the FDA directed Merck to include a warning about the side effects of Propecia on its drug label. Specifically, the FDA is asking that Merck include information about the sexual disorders that can result from using Propecia.

Filing a Propecia Lawsuit

If you have experienced these unfortunate side effects as a result of consuming Propecia, then you may be eligible to file a lawsuit with the help of a personal injury lawyer. You can schedule an initial consultation to decide whether you should pursue your claim in court or settle your claim outside of court. A personal injury lawyer will review the facts of your case and will request additional information about the injuries that you have suffered. If you have suffered injuries, then you should meet with a lawyer soon so that you do not miss out on the statute of limitations for your claim.